when you slip & Fall

If you're thinking about making a slip and fall claim after an accident on someone else's property, you're probably wondering how much you can expect to receive if your case settles (or in the rare event that it goes to trial). Every situation is different of course, but there are some important factors that come into play when figuring out personal injury case value. Let's look at these in the context of a slip and fall.

Most Slip and Fall Cases Settle

Chances are, your slip and fall claim will settle out of court, maybe before a lawsuit even needs to be filed. Settlement is usually a mutually agreeable outcome. The injured person accepts a little less than they think their case is worth, and the property owner's insurance company pays a little more than it wants. 

A personal injury lawsuit  over a slip and fall injury is usually only filed when the two parties can’t reach an initial settlement. The injured party might be demanding too much money, or the property owner (usually through an insurance company) doesn’t come to the table with a reasonable settlement offer. But both sides will consider the cost of taking a personal injury case to court, cost of taking a personal injury case to court, while also being mindful that the court process is risky for both sides. That's because in the rare event that the lawsuit makes it all the way to trial, one side wins, the other loses, and it's not easy to predict what a jury might do.

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